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3D Glasses VR Box
3D Glasses VR Box3D Glasses VR Box3D Glasses VR Box3D Glasses VR Box3D Glasses VR Box

3D Glasses VR Box

  • Size:170*120*105mm
  • Color: White&Black
  • Weight:500g
  • Material:ABS+PC

Product Details
Shocking 3D rush on market Main differencce between 2D & 3D lies in the sensory experience. 3D provides more stereoscopic vision
Immersive gaming experience Players can enjoy the virtual game world by turning the vt box wearing on their head.
Art of vr lens

Lens is the core part, Nothing can make up for a bad-quality lens even with strong function and exquisite appearance.

More clear and eyeshield Designed by top optic designer
Compatible with movie and game model
Ensure max visual scene without anamorphic image
Comfortable time 4H Feel dizzy minutes later for the common market vr headset
Wonderful experience hide in the small box Multiple dissipate heat design, protect the phone and faces from too hot, the lens from foggy
Leather heat-removal design for faces Fit for all faces perfectly. Rebound foam and soft leather make our faces feel more comfortable.
High transmittance anit-blury glass Anti blury, soft strong light, anti-radiation, non- discolouring
VR-CASE anti-blury tempered glass protects our eyes well.
It can absorb ultraviolet radiation, resist radiation, resist strong light etc.
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